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Our Partners

We have a wide network of partners. We have come together to form a powerful network to provide you with the elements which are needed for your institution. We are our partners' authorized distributor in the Philippines.

3S is a total solution provider of die bonding in discrete power devices. 3S is established in 1998, headquartered in Hsinchu, with branch offices and sales offices in Shanghai, Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia.

Today, 3S is a niche market leader in Die Bonder in Discrete Power Devices, such as diodes, Power MOSFET, and High Power LED. In Diode application, 3S has three major product lines: Clip die bonder, Soft solder and Ceramic automatic assembly machine. Clip die bonder is composed of die bonder, clip attachment and a snap reflow oven. Recently, Clip die bonder has been widely used in the package of high current power devices, owing to its obvious advantages over traditional wire bonder in the respect of contact resistance and package size. Over 90% of world's major bridge rectifiers packaging companies using 3S's clip die bonder to produce high quality products. In addition to the applications in diodes, 3S has also successfully developed High Power LED Flux Eutectic die bonder and Low Temperature Eutectic die bonder for LED lighting application. It has been proven that Flux Eutectic die bonding process has better reliability than Silver paste die bonding process, while the running cost of both processes are almost equal. The process temperature of newly developed Low temperature eutectic bonding process is under 150C, and the bonding layer could be used under the temperature up to 260C, minimizing lots of problems occurs from excessive heat.

Wentworth Laboratories is a premier technology driven, high-volume manufacturer of advanced products used throughout the test process. Specializing in Cobra® and cantilever technology probe cards and a highly versatile line of wafer and die level probing equipment, Wentworth has state-of-the-art manufacturing and full service distribution throughout the world. Wentworth features advanced vertical solutions for C4 and massively parallel, high-temperature probe.

GPD Global is an international, state-of-the-art equipment supplier for the PCB assembly and semiconductor industries. We manufacture a wide variety of Automatic Dispense Systems, an Aqueous Inline Cleaner for BGA Ball Attach, a Solder Dip Tinning system, and Component Prep equipment for both Thru-Hole and SMT applications.

Conceptronic, a Division of CVD Equipment Corporation , manufactures Solder Reflow Ovens, Forced Convection Rework Stations and Customized Thermal Processing Equipment for customers in the Electronics Manufacturing Industry. Surface Mount Technology (SMT) on Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's) has advanced in complexity and Conceptronic has innovated with its evolution. From Lead Free Solder to Flux Management and precise heat control of BGA, Micro-BGA and Flip Chip components, our Forced Convection Technology for both inline assembly as well as offline repair, has made Conceptronic the Technological Leader of Thermal Processing Equipment in the Electronics Manufacturing Industry.

Research International specializes in solder reflow ovens for the printed circuit board industry and chip scale package industry. Research International started designing, developing, and selling solder reflow equipment in the early 1980's, and the product line is now marketed throughout the world. Research International's product line has a wonderful reputation worldwide for it's high quality and high performance.

JET Equipment Corporation is an international Product Identification Solutions Provider specializing in turnkey systems integration. Our goal is to provide our customers with one-stop shopping of computer-integrated ink jet and laser marking workstations, bar code equipment, 2D Code systems, automatic label applicators, and custom manufacturing software. Whether you are seeking a turnkey system implementation or in need of replacement inkjet or laser parts, field service support, labels and ribbons, or ink jet fluids, partner with JET Equipment Corporation.

MVP has lead the AOI industry with customer focused innovations since the company was formed in the late 1980's. MVPs leading software allows for system deployment in many manufacturing environments. In an NPI environment ePro and Express Software allow the fastest generation of programs. When in a high-volume environment you still have access to the tools required to create a full program optimized for process variances with the highest defect coverage.

MVPs Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) solutions provide the highest level of defect detection for electronic and semiconductor manufacturers. Our mission is to provide both electronic and semiconductor manufacturers with the finest, most advanced AOI and process control technologies available.

MVP's leading software tools provide ease-of-use without the loss of inspection quality, and uniquely provide our customers with the flexibility to deploy systems in NPI, low-volume, high-mix or high-volume manufacturing environments.